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Article Writing Tool by Lotte Rienecker is an efficient resource for planning, drafting, writing and editing research as well as professional articles for journals, etc. across disciplines and professions.

The tool is based on the article structure:


Through a series of questions, prompts and element headlines, Article Writing Tool guides the user through the recurring elements in author guidelines. The tool helps focus and structure writing an article, so the writer can concentrate on the article’s content.

Use Article Writing Tool to:

  • start writing - plan the article’s focus, purpose, argumentation, etc. - draft and structure - check the article before submission - revise.


  • Part 1. ‘Plan your article’ asks questions and gives prompts for the basis of the article, its focus and publication strategy. Part 1 is a tool for planning and making decisions before drafting.
  • Part 2. ‘Draft your article’ asks questions and gives prompts for drafting or revising an entire article. Part 2 is for the article writer who feels ready to begin writing or for the writer who has already written parts of the text and wants to import it in order to continue working with it. In addition, the writer can use it to check a finished draft in order to revise it before submission or resubmission.
  • Explanation/Tip: Explanations and further suggestions for article elements and writing process for questions/prompts.
  • Dictionary: Definitions and explanations for all the programme’s article terms.
  • Sharing function: Co-authors can use the tool for co-writing and supervisors for supervising. The project owner can invite co-authors to participate. A separate comment function makes it easy to comment on drafts.

The answers can be downloaded as Word files.

English and Danish versions // Though optimized for the Chrome browser, the tool should work fine with all browsers // We generally recommend you to regularly update your browser and to delete browsing history.

Article Writing Tool is based on the Danish book Skriv artikler. Om videnskabelige, faglige og formidlende artikler [Write Articles. Research, professional and disseminating articles] (Lotte Rienecker, Peter Stray Jørgensen & Morten Gandil. Frederiksberg: Samfundslitteratur, 2016). Article Writing Tool can be used separately from the book.

Further resources in English, please see the dictionary.

Single user license: 39 EURO/year
5-user license: 160 EURO/year
10-user license: 250 EURO/year

Campus licenses for individuel estimates.

Please contact Editorial Director Henrik Schjerning


  • VIA UC
  • University College Nordjylland
  • Zentrum für Lehren und Lehrnen, Universität Bielefeld

Article Writing Tool, version 1, 2017
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ISBN: 978-87-593-2934-4

Published by: Samfundslitteratur, Denmark